In times of need, access to a safe and reliable source of stored blood can be LIVE SAVING!

Blood Donor International was formed in September 2010 with the goal of helping to provide a safe and reliable source of blood products in the developing world.  The organization is taking its first steps in Equatorial Guinea. 

In a country where there has never been a blood donor program, we have established the first blood bank and are in the process of developing an infrastructure that will meet the country's blood product needs.

We apologize for the simplicity of the website at this point, but we are in the process of developing something of which you, our Blood Donors, will be proud.  You can look forward to reading about how your donations are changing lives, checking out our Blood Donor Honor Roll, and much more.

Frank Duggan, M.D.
Mobile: +(1) 202-247-5452
Visit us on Facebook: Blood Donor International

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